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If you are a student, you know it can be difficult to write a powerful essay. It can also be daunting if you don’t comprehend the content of the research you read. Here are some tips for writing an A+ worthy essay:

Topic is Key

Having a firm understanding of your topic is important in order to convince the reader. To get an A+, though, the essay needs to stand out from the crowd. If you can add some originality to how you address the topic, this can improve the final grade.

Creating the Thesis

First, concentrate on the thesis, as it’s through line of thought that holds your essay. Brainstorm ideas that will become your arguments. Don’t buy into the myth that having three arguments is necessary. Having one strong argument can be enough to convince your reader. But if you have developed several good, convincing arguments, by all means, use them.

The Hook

The hook (also known as the attention grabber) is included in the introduction and is used to spark a reader’s interest. Your hook is also used in the conclusion. The attention grabber can be in the form of a question regarding the topic, but should cover a broader thought which then leads into the thesis. By adding the hook to the conclusion, you provide an answer to the initial question that got your reader’s attention. Giving a thorough answer will allow your reader to fully understand the writer’s point of view.

Research, Research, Research

Research plays a crucial role in an essay, so make sure you have all of the facts to help explain your arguments. The library or internet are great places to begin seeking information to back up your thesis. While researching and using the information, create a bibliography to recognize the resources you used.

Transition Statements

Connect each section of your essay with a transition statement. These allow your essay to read smoothly from beginning to end.

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