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An analytical essay is one which provides an analysis of a piece of writing without merely summarizing the text. An analytical essay shouldn’t read like a book report, but rather provide an in-depth discussion about the themes and imagery. Effectively argue your points, backed up by textual evidence to support your claims.

For an effective essay, write an introduction that grabs your reader’s attention and gets their interest from the very first sentence. Once you’ve got the audience’s attention, lay out your thesis statement describing your intent. After that, the body of your essay will provide some supporting points and paragraphs. This content should keep the reader interested; the best way to accomplish this is to give each claim its own paragraph.

The basic analytical essay is written in a five-paragraph format:

  • Introduction – the thesis statement
  • Three supporting paragraphs
  • Conclusion – recap what you said and further argue your thesis

Depending on your instructor’s requirements, you might need more supporting paragraphs. Support your claims by using specific examples from the text. Either use direct quotes from the text or paraphrase, but always properly cite your source(s).

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