11 01 17

How many times have you told yourself, “This year I’m going to lose weight,” or “This year I’m gonna start a business,” or pursued some other grand idea that never quite panned out? We’ve all been there. This year, forgo the back-breaking resolutions that make you feel like a failure. Start the year fresh with a gratitude list.

What’s a “Gratitude List?”

A gratitude list is a simple exercise that can pull you out of sticky bad feelings. Take out a piece of paper (or your phone or laptop), and start writing things that are good in your life. It may seem hard at first, but starting out with a small list of five things and adding to it throughout the week can lift your spirits and create a “happier and healthier you.” It might be a foreign concept, but it works.

Why Do a List?

When you’re not feeling content or well, it’s great to look at your gratitude list. When nervous, angry, or scared, take a deep breath and reflect upon the things for which you’re grateful. It’s been proven that people who live in a spirit of gratitude do better at school and in work. A good mood can affect your life tremendously, and help you during difficult times.

Making up a gratitude list may sound cheesy, but it helps de-clutter your head and allow you to focus on the positive. For more helpful tips to better yourself and your future, call 1-800-573-0840. Masters Essay will help you write well, achieve academically, and more.