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Unorthodox Writing Tips

If you’ve ever stared at a blank page, trying to conjure the right words and coming up empty, you’re not alone. Many writers, despite being passionate about their craft, find the writing process long and challenging. Here are some unorthodox writing tips to try when you’re stuck on a blank page:

Begin in the Middle

A piece of writing typically starts with an introduction, followed by the body of the piece and the conclusion. However, many writers get stuck at the beginning. You can avoid this by going straight to the body of your piece and writing the introduction last.

Take Your Time

If inspiration eludes you, perhaps it’s time to put the pen down for an hour or two and allow your mind to wander. Try an activity that does not require much mental effort. A long drive, a walk, or even cleaning the house can get your creative juices flowing. Return to your desk when you’re feeling less frustrated.

“Ramble on!”

If this is your first draft, have fun. Let the words flow without censorship and write whatever comes to mind. This gets you “in the zone” and puts words on the page. You’ll be surprised how good some of them might be. Late, you can edit and refine your work.

Remember the Purpose of Writing

To set the proper tone, you must know what you want to accomplish. There are three main goals of writing. Knowing into which category your piece falls will help you keep on track. These are:

  • To Inform – Informative pieces educate the readers. They are clear, precise, and (most importantly) objective. If you’re writing to inform, leave out your opinions and stick to the facts.
  • To Express – Expressive pieces establish human connections, convey values, and contribute to culture. They generally have a more casual tone and structure, and often include feelings and opinions.
  • To Persuade – Persuasive pieces are a serious form of writing meant to change the mind of the reader, or at least make them question their stance. A persuasive piece must be backed by reliable sources and based on facts to maintain its credibility.

Given the time and effort writing requires, even professional writers experience writer’s block sometimes. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you get stuck. Use these tips, or get assistance from professional writers and editors to complete your piece.

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