15 08 17

Since it is important to rewrite and revise your work, there are several stages required to work your way toward perfection. Below are suggestions and techniques to use when rewriting and revising your work.

#1 The Whole Paper

Examine the entire essay to determine if it has made its point to the audience and has conveyed the desired message. Try to look at your paper from the reader’s point of view. A few quick checks:

  • Make sure your paper is spaced according to instructions
  • Share the essay with someone who unfamiliar with the topic and get feedback
  • Do additional, needed research
  • If necessary, save the strong paragraphs in a separate file and start over

#2 Paragraph Revisions

After that first stage, ensure your essay is well organized and each paragraph communicates its intended message. Make the essay cohesive and each paragraph consistent with its topic or subheading.

#3 Sentence Construction

Double-check sentence constructions. Before handing in an essay, an author must check spelling and correct grammatical errors:

  • Sentences should remind the reader of the essay’s theme
  • Sentences vary in length
  • Edit too-long or run-on sentences
  • Correct any language (grammatical) errors
  • Run a spell check on your essay and check for missing words
  • Capitalization and correct citation are also priorities

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