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Citation is the process by which you give proper attribution to authors of materials you used to form a thesis. Without proper citation and corresponding bibliographical references listed at the end of a paper, you could be accused of plagiarism or unfounded/unsupported statements and conclusions. Experienced writers in Toronto and surrounding areas recommend the following steps:

Writing Formats

There are various writing styles and citation formats to consider:

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Chicago Manual of Style /Turabian
  • Harvard
  • CBE (Council of Biology Editors)
  • CGOS (Columbia Guide to Online Style)

Check Your Citations

Make sure your paper meets the necessary citation and reference list criteria:

  1. Are all references cited in the text?
  2. Are all the citations mentioned in the reference list?
  3. Are all entries in alphabetical and numerical order?
  4. Do reference list entries have basic, required information (e.g. author/s, publication year, title, page number, DOI Digital Object Identifier, URL, etc. )
  5. Do the in-text citations with multiple authors have the correct number of names and use of “et al.” appropriately?
  6. Are the names of the authors spelled correctly (and use either full first name or first initial as required by the chosen style format)?
  7. Are the titles accurate?
  8. Do various papers written by the same author(s) have the proper use of “ibid.” or “op cit” in the in-text citations?

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