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Writing an essay might take longer than you have anticipated. Students are often required to write essays in a short period of time for educational purposes. Of course, as students, sometimes days can easily creep by with other deadlines and procrastination. Before you know it, you need to finish that essay tomorrow. However, you do not need to panic. Here is a guide for you to write a good essay quickly.

1. Plan

Planning is the first thing you would want to do. It is an important step that can ensure your essay’s success. This is because if you rush into an essay, it would be counterproductive. Outline your essay. How will the structure be? How long you want it to be? An essay with structure will be a lot faster and easier to write, in addition to being comprehensive.

2. Find a Work Station and Be Focused

Choosing a place where you can concentrate the best is the next thing you should do. Choose a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Don’t forget to be prepared. Make sure you bring two pens and don’t forget your notes or other resources you need. Be focused. Turn your phone off or leave it somewhere else. Shut the world out for a moment so that you can finish your essay fast without procrastinating.

3. Set Goals

The key to writing a good essay quickly is time management, so setting goals is the next step. Set yourself a time for completing each section before you start typing. By doing this, you will know how much time you need to complete each section, thus, you will finish them and stop slacking off.

4. Introduction, Supporting Arguments, Conclusion

After setting your goals, it’s time to start the real thing. Start off by thinking about your arguments and get a good grasp of them. And then, start by writing an introduction. The introduction is usually about a paragraph long. Try to start your introduction with an interesting sentence.

Then, go to the supporting arguments. Here, you should use evidence that supports your arguments. Be as specific as possible. Keep close to the main subject of your essay; don’t discuss things that are unrelated. Avoid using vague examples because it won’t make your essay better.

Lastly, write the conclusion. Be sure not to introduce any new information or arguments. Sum up your basic arguments convincingly. If you can make your final sentence memorable, it will give a huge impact to the impression of your essay.

5. Re-check

In the end, make sure you re-check your essay for grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Those things will reduce your score, so make sure you keep an eye on them. Re-read your essay and make sure that it is understandable.


Writing a good essay quickly can be tricky; however, if you are trained or used to it, then you will be fine. Masters Essay offers services that can help you with your essays. For further information call 800-573-0840.