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Writing skills are a necessity in school and most people’s everyday life. If you worry about writing, have a tendency to procrastinate, or are fearful about the assignment, here are some tips to help you start writing a strong essay and finish it by deadline.

#1 Set a STRICT final deadline.

Deadlines are important because they compel a writer to get the work in small chunks, within a manageable time frame. If you find that you have difficulty holding yourself accountable, set computer calendar reminders and ask a friend, parent, or someone else to remind you of your goals. Set extra reminders as the final due date approaches.

#2 Set a daily quota.

This will help you reach your deadline and (as mentioned in item #1) break the writing task into easier, more manageable tasks.

#3 Write every day.

Writing every day will help you develop the habit of thinking “I get to write today,” instead of “I have to write today.” (And, if that mental shift doesn’t happen, at least it will be a routine that compels you to get the job done.)

#4 Shut off electronic devices and find a place to write comfortably.

Rid yourself of all distractions which and become more focused on writing an essay that will catches the reader’s’ attention.

#5 Visualize the finished piece.

Be specific in your thought process and visualize exactly what your perfect essay can (and will) look like.

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