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A resume or CV (curriculum vitae) can be used as an introduction to an employment opportunity or academic environment. These documents are used as a standardized way to acquaint an individual with people reviewing candidates for jobs, scholarships, or university programs. The pieces are differentiated by length and content.

A resume can be a list of skills, work experience, educational background, and basic qualifications, often listed chronologically and dispassionately. A CV, on the other hand, lists publications the individual is featured in, special achievements, awards, and special honors received by the individual. It often provides detail about which attributes single out an applicant from a crowd of similarly-accomplished candidates.

CV vs. Resume in Canada

If you’re a Canadian, using a CV is often a prerequisite for seeking work out of the country, as it shows special skills and accomplishments that might not be reflected on a matter-of-fact resume. If you’re competing against Americans for a job in their country, you need to show every extra ability and reward that might give you an edge.

Resume Function

A resume states the specific qualifications an individual possesses to competently fit into a desired slot, job or position. While it may indicate if an individual is qualified to meet a threshold of competency, a resume does not elucidate potential for excellence (or proficiency) in the job.

Function of CV

A CV is intended to reflect a more qualitative description of an individual’s abilities.
CV’s are often greater in length. The qualitative information typically exceeds a resume’s list-like structure.

The Big Difference

A CV and resume have separate purposes. A resume is seen most commonly in a regular job search scenario. A CV is used, typically, in an academic setting and highlights academic achievements (e.g. publication, research, and awards).

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