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Achieving the perfect length for your curriculum vitae (CV) can be highly confusing. A quick Internet search reveals that the perfect length should be anywhere between two to 20 pages (not a lot of help). While around five pages is a generally accepted length, ultimately your CV is relative to your experience and the job to which you’re applying. Here are some tips:

Know Yourself

Take time to evaluate your experience. If you’ve just been graduated, you’ll have less background and work history and your CV will be shorter. That’s to be expected. Also consider how much experience you have that’s related to the particular job for which you’re applying. If you’ve done a lot of volunteer work that relates to the position, your CV will be longer. Consider the experience your recruiter wants to see.

Know Your Audience

Determine what your recruiter/potential employer desires from a candidate. This will give you a better idea for the CV length. A position in academia will call for an extensive CV (often including all relevant research and publications). An entry-level position at a manufacturing company will not require as much information as one in academia. The key here is to balance what the recruiter wants to see with what you have to show. Give enough information for the employer to request an in-person interview. Don’t overwhelm him or her with information worthy of a novel.

Consult The Experts

If you’re still confused about the length of your CV, consider getting help from professionals who offer CV writing services. They’ll know the ideal length for someone in your field. Masters Essay can help you with length or write your CV for you. Call us toll free at 1-800-573-0840.