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Proofread as You Go

When writing anything, it is important to check work as you go. Many writers do not check for errors until the very end of an essay; this can be problematic. It’s a lot less effort to check for errors as you write. Having a second pair of eyes is always useful; professional writing services can check your work and help you make improvements.

Be Sensible

If you aim to make your writing “visual,” you must be descriptive. Unless you’re adding pictures to the text, the reader can only experience an essay through your words. Before writing, take in the scene of a holiday greeting card, or write in a festive setting. Incorporate details regarding how the holiday smells, feels, tastes, and looks. Use a variety of senses to convey your images and meaning.

Know Your Audience

Just as businesses do market research, a writer ought to know his/her audience. What reading level is the audience? What’s their geographical location? Keep the audience in mind as you write.

If It Sounds Right, Write!

Reading your essay aloud throughout the process. Though a phrase may be grammatically correct, the phrasing could be awkward. Awkward phrasing is distracting to the reader, especially in an essay attempting to convey the spirit or energy of the holiday season.

Think Big, and Add a Touch of You

It can be easy to get discouraged when writing; most people do. Try allowing yourself to “dream big” when it comes to your essay. Push yourself to write 1000 words, and then push beyond that. Think up imaginative topics, and make it “you” by adding a personal touch. Are you funny? Add humour. Are you sad? Talk about how people get blue during the holidays. Your feelings and thoughts make the essay stronger.

Every voice is different and valuable. Keep working on your writing, and seek the help of a professional writing service when you hit a stumbling block. Call Masters Essay toll-free throughout Canada at 1-800-573-0840.