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Writing can sometimes be a fickle mistress, and even the most gifted writers occasionally experience writer’s block. Here are some ways to combat it. And if you can’t overcome your challenge, call Master’s Essay for help with writer’s block:

1. Engage the brain artistically.

Make a collage, paint, build something with Play-Doh: No matter what small artistic task you choose, continue to engage your creativity. Using your brain in a different way can get you back into the flow of writing much quicker.

2. Do some “free-writing.”

Step away from writing on your subject and free-write, using your stream of consciousness. By writing about whatever comes to mind, you may train your brain to tap into the very wording that’s eluded you. Remember, when you free-writing you are not working on a project. Avoid punctuation, avoid thinking about the audience; just write.

3. Get your blood flowing.

Distraction is key. If you can take a walk, go for a run, ride a bike, or hit the gym. Doing something physically active helps get creative juices flowing. Natural endorphins have wonderful influence on the brain.

4. Brainstorm/use bullet points.

Brainstorm and feel free to pursue different approaches to your topic, no matter how silly they may seem at the time. By looking at something at more than one angle, it will help pull out of writer’s block funk. You will naturally come up with new ideas by looking at everything with a different perspective.

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