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What Is a Resume?

A resume is what summarizes a person’s employment qualifications. It can be likened to a brochure that most companies offer to their potential clients. In most cases, the potential employer will first review it before they go through any other credentials one may have.

What Employers Look At

In most cases, if one is applying for a lucrative job, others are also applying for the same job. As a result, the person looking at the resume has a very limited amount of time. In most cases, an employer will spend about ten seconds on each resume. As shocking as it may sound, any grammar or formatting errors can put off an employer. That means that a person has only one chance to make a first impression. No matter how qualified one is, it is important to keep in mind that, other job seekers are also equally qualified.

How to Prepare to Write a Resume

In most cases, people tend to rush through the resume writing process. For instance, one may only have a few days until the resume submission date. However, taking a few hours could improve the chances of getting the dream job. A good resume is one that begins in the mind.
One should carefully search in their mind for achievements that make them a better candidate. Failure to do this could lead to one omitting a significant achievement in their life. These achievements might turn out to be exactly what the employer needs. Additionally, some achievements ought to be omitted. These are achievements that could put one in a bad light. With enough time, one can better consider what they want their potential employer needs to know about them.

What Is Important to consider In a Resume?

An important aspect is that one needs to qualify their claims. As a result, any achievements one claims should be backed up by certification. It makes it easier for the employer to disqualify other candidates without the qualification. For instance, one should state how they helped to achieve something. Their contribution to a certain project should be well stated without any obscurity. Otherwise, the potential employer may think one is riding on the success of others.
One needs to consider the tone of their resume. At times, the resume might be too casual to be taken seriously. It is important for one to consider the type of job they want. Dates are also an important part of any resume. It is easy for anyone to check through the internet for dates. Any inconsistency leads to disqualification in most cases.

Additionally, one needs to check their grammar carefully. Many tools are useful for this task. Most of these tools are quite affordable. Besides that, there are online companies that can assist individuals to come up with better resumes.


Resume writing is quite hectic. However, it is important to come up with a new resume for each job that one wants. Creating a generic resume has fewer rates of success than a creative resume for each job.

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