18 07 16

Failing To Answer The Essay Question

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes that students will make when they are composing an essay. The point of an essay is to address and expound upon a certain proposition. The mistake that students will often make is to generalize the proposition and prattle on about the general thoughts that they have. This is a problem because essay questions are very specific and nuanced. Professors notice that sort of thing. They are trained and can deduce if the essay questions have been answered. So, when you are preparing to rough draft of your essay, ensure that you are being very specific and respond to the question that the essay is posing.


After you have spent all night writing an essay, you have finally finished and all you want to do is go to bed. It is time to shut your brain down and get ready for the next day. But despite the effort that you have put into the essay, you could still receive some negative feedback because there are a few glaring errors. Of course, these are errors that you would have noticed had you read through the essay. This is why the process of proofreading is so important. You will catch the mistakes that you made before you submit it. Further, if you have somebody else to proofread it for you, then they can give general feedback about the essay so that you can edit it.

Do Not Procrastinate

If you have a week before the essay is due, you might tell yourself that you will spend the last few days working on it. If you have two days, you will say that you will spend tomorrow working on it. If you have one day, you will tell yourself that you will stay up all night working on it. When night comes, you will wish that you did not procrastinate so that you could sleep. If you procrastinate composing your essay, it will be of much lower quality than it would have been if you had taken the time to think about it. Rushing through the essay will leave room for a lot of errors and could result in your missing the central premise of the essay question.


If you are trying to reach the word count without worrying about the quality of the content, then you are likely to add fluff to your essay. This will manifest in different ways, including long and drawn out quotes from outside sources. Quotes generally should be paraphrases and should only be supplementary. Second, repetition is another maneuver that students will take in an effort to fill the word count. Anybody who is trained to grade essay papers will see through these tactics. If you want to write a high-quality paper, you will have to sit back and think about the topic at hand so as to provide legitimate insight.

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