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Argument essays require more than research and writing skills to be effective. You need to be able to collect information, analyze the information for the argument, and form an argument based on research. To write an argument essay, you need to create an evidence based position on the argument and be able to write it clearly to convince the audience of your side. You need to make sure you follow the steps of essay writing by brainstorm, prewriting, outlining, rough draft, and revision. With an argument essay, you have additional steps to gathering evidence to support your position, creating your position on the argument, and disputing the other side of the argument.

Start off strong

The start of your essay, or your introduction, needs to be informing and attention grabbing. Essays need strong statements at the beginning in order to catch the reader’s attention. These strong statements are known as “hooks.” Hooks sound like their job, because their function is to draw in the reader. These openers need to be exciting and informing. Background information of your problem is need to help your reader understand the problem and why it is important. Any type of essays need a thesis statement. Thesis statement presents your position in an argument paper.

Planning to stay focused

Essays need to be planned to stay on point and not get off topic. Outlines can be a good way to help you focus on your argument and to cover your position completely. A good argument has three or more strongly developed claims. Claims are statements you make to support your argument. Each claim needs to be backed up by evidence. Evidence can be found in the books and articles where you find your support for your position.

The other side of the argument

A strong argument addresses the other side of the argument. You have to be able to address their position and show that it is wrong. The best argument is what that is proven by your evidence it is right and the other side is proven to by wrong.

Finish strong

Now you have opened your argument, proven your argument, and disproven the other argument then the next step is to finish your essay strong. You need to restate the importance of your issue, not just the issue. Tell your audience why they need to take action. Explain to them what the world is like if they do not take action. Essays need good closure in order to end your argument well. If these steps are overwhelming to you, you can always reach out to Master Essays. We have a number of services to help you along the way and can be reached at 1-800-573-0840.