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Confederation changed life for Canadians, both politically and culturally. Canadian poetry reflected pride in the new country and its diverse landscapes. During this time, four poets rose to prominence for writing that extolled the natural beauty and pastoral culture of Canada.

The literary critic and commentator Malcolm Ross dubbed them the Confederation Poets because they were all born in the 1860s when Canadian Confederation occurred.

Bliss Carman

Bliss Carman was born in 1861 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. After attending the University of New Brunswick, he wrote numerous poems, essays, and commentaries. He earned his income solely from writing and received the greatest international recognition of the Confederation Poets. His collection includes Vagabondia, Behind the Arras, and The Pipes of Pan.

Archibald Lampman

Lampman was born in 1861 and considered the “Keats of Canada”. He was renowned for poetry about nature. His works include Lyrics of Earth, Alcyone and Other Poems, and Amonth the Millet and Other Poems.

Charles G.D. Roberts

Charles Roberts is known as the “Father of Canadian Poetry.” He was born in 1860 in Douglas, New Brunswick, where he was homeschooled and was first published at the age of 12. He lived in the U.S. at one point and served in the Canadian military. His works include Orion and Other Poems, The Book of The Native, and The Vagrant of Time.

Duncan Campbell Scott

Duncan Scott was born in Ottawa and entered a life of civil service. During his free time, he wrote both prose and poetry. He received numerous writing awards throughout his lifetime and was named to the Royal Society of Canada. His poetry includes The Magic House and Other Poems, Labor and The Angel,and Via Borelius.

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