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Essays have become increasingly common in a student’s mandatory curriculum. A student will encounter essays in most classes, but especially in the social sciences. Essays are also essential in the college application process. Basically essays will be a part of student life in your college career. It is important to know the steps to write a basic 5 paragraph essay. This is important when you are taking a timed essay test. Having the knowledge of how to outline will a lot for more time to create the body of the essay.

Step one:

The first step in creating an effective 5 paragraph essay is to make a compelling opening statement that will grab the reader’s attention. Avoid just making an intent statement. It would be more interesting to begin your essay with an interesting fact or an attention-grabbing statement.

Step two:

The second part of your five paragraph essay should be an explanation of your opening statement. This is where you would explain any details about the beginning of your essay. This will be the step that will transition to the thesis of your essay. It is important to have good flow in developing your essay. To have the proper flow, you need to be able to build to naturally flowing into the thesis statement.

Step three:

The third step in building a quality 5 paragraph essay is to make a clear.
And to create an attention-grabbing thesis statement. The thesis statement is a sentence that will declare the purpose of the essay and enlightens the reader as to the particular topic being addressed. The thesis sentence will make your point of view clear to the reader. Be sure that your thesis sentence is direct and explain the topic at hand completely

Step four:

The fourth element of a five paragraph essay is the body. This is where the majority of your information will be presented to the reader. The information in the body will revolve around your thesis statement. The body of the essay will express evidence to support your thesis statement. This part of the essay should be approximately three paragraphs in length if you are indeed writing a five paragraph essay. Each paragraph should state a fact that reflects your thesis. When you transition from one paragraph to another use words to link them together such as furthermore, as a result, moreover, in fact, etc.

Step five:

The fifth and final part of your essay is the conclusion. This is the part of the essay that will summarize the facts stated in the essay and will restate the thesis, and its highlights within the essay. This part of the five paragraph essay will revisit the important details in your writing and wrap it up.