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One of the hardest tasks in writing a research paper is coming up with ideas. Child Development runs the gamut from birth to adolescence, so there are many topic options. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Parenting Styles and Child Development – There are countless parenting techniques and styles, some dating to the turn of last century and others are relatively new. Some include Attachment Parenting, Free Range Parenting, and Helicopter Parenting.
  2. Early Childhood Abuse and Teen Development Issues – This topic looks at teenage development issues that may arise due to childhood verbal and physical abuse.
  3. Intervention Programs for Disabled Children – Head Start and other programs offer early intervention strategies and have been proven to show a reduction in later learning issues.
  4. Childhood Behaviour Modification/Reinforcement – Behaviour modification is proven to help children with autism or with emotional and/or behavioral issues; which programs and reinforcement schedules have the most success?
  5. Parental Involvement – Research in early childhood parental involvement helps positive intellectual development.
  6. LGBT Families – Do LGBT families face different challenges from households with parents of different sexes? What do studies show about the development of children raised by LGBT parents?
  7. Attachment Parenting – Attachment Parenting is one of the newest parenting styles and can increase a child’s self confidence and independence.
    Effects of Bullying on Childhood Achievement – Does bullying teach children to become more resilient or are they more likely to give up on their goals and efforts?
  8. Direct Trial Training in Autistic Children – Direct Trial Training or Analysis is a widely used behavior modification technique used for teaching daily skills.
  9. Importance of Play – It has been said that “a child’s play is his work.” What are the effects of play-based learning for children and their development?

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