22 01 18

The goal of every resume is to provide a brief and comprehensive summary of your job history and skills while leaving a lasting impression on the recruiter. Since companies receive dozens of resumes per hiring season, employers who are assigned to sort through these documents encounter repetitive phrases which render the submission cliché.

Several online resources provide a list of key phrases to avoid when writing a resume. While helpful, sometimes these phrases provide the opportunity to share something valuable. Instead of deleting these phrases altogether, rewrite them in a way that makes your resume stand out, and provide concrete examples of your work experience.

Here are some commonly used phrases from resumes and suggestions to rewrite them:

“Works well independently” – Most of the time, this phrase is used as a crutch (and is usually part of a bullet list). Instead of focusing on the trait alone, provide an example that showcases your independent nature.

Example: “In 2010, I launched my own website focusing on providing young adult readers with tips and tricks to save money.”

This statement showcases your skill, experience, and knowledge while providing a concrete example to the reader.

  • “A great team player” – Teamwork is important is crucial in any workplace to meet company goals, but this phrase does not impress. Instead, share events that showcase you and your former team’s participation or achievement.Example: “Volunteered with colleagues and organized a 2011 fundraiser.”
  • “Results driven” – Results usually require quantitative data. To avoid this ambiguous claim, write about strategies you implemented which resulted in a percentage of change.Example: “Reduced the percentage of tardy employees by 10% by implementing an incentive and penalty policy to encourage them to be on time.”
  • “Good communication skills” – Communication skills are important, but this is another example of a broad statement. In this case, provide an example showing how your skills were put to good use.Example: “Prepared and presented a slideshow to job applicants attending the 2010 job fair in Springfield.”

  • “Strong attention to detail”
    – It pays to be meticulous with details but it’s even better when other examples are provided.Example: “I have considerable experience editing articles for an SEO company.”

If you rewrite overused phrases and provide concrete examples of your success, potential employers are more likely to schedule an interview with you. Your new resume offers a concise summary of your knowledge, skills, and experience — while helping you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

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