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A strong cover letter is a tool most every applicant needs to have in their arsenal. However, a number of people believe it is unnecessary and their résumé can stand on its own. Not only is this idea likely a mistake; its practice can negate any chance of being considered seriously by potential employers.

What a Cover Letter Can Do

    • Set you apart.

A cover letter is an opportunity to pitch yourself and convince the employer or recruiter to meet you in person. It’s main purpose is to “wow” and prove you’re a great candidate for the job.

Writing a cover letter is similar to advertising a brand. It expresses what kind of team member you may be. A successful cover letter warrants a call for an interview, increases the possibility of of attaining the maximum salary available, and may put you in the top two percent of applicants who are considered for the position.

    • Reveal your personality and ability.

If your resume is formal and fact-based, the cover letter may benefit from including a bit of “personality.” By sharing more about yourself and personal style through the tone of your writing, employers are better able to determine if you fit the company’s culture or philosophy. A cover letter can build advance rapport by providing a glimpse of who you are as a person (beyond a professional facade).

Why a Cover Letter May Be Ignored

    • It’s poorly written. (Enough said.)
    • Some employers don’t read them.

Depending upon the type of organization and the personality of upper management, some companies merely peruse résumés. If a potential employer advertises they don’t wish to review a cover letter, don’t bother writing one.

    • Some recruiting trends indicate the approach is outdated.

One recent Forbes article argued cover letters are passé and not essential to the application and recruitment process. Some believe networking, experience, and a well-written résumé are the only means to nab a job.

Despite a few changing opinions, cover letters still have a place among many employers and recruiters. If you are in need of a well-written cover letter to help you land that job interview, Masters Essay has staff dedicated to creating applicant drafts to land the job you want. Call today: (800) 573-0840; let’s start writing!