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Every year thousands of university admission essays are reviewed by Toronto university boards. The purpose of these essays is to narrow the list of applicants to the students that meet stringent university standards. While no two schools share the same set of admission and essay criteria, these factors should be taken into consideration:

  • GPA
  • Your qualities as a student (including extracurriculars and strengths)
  • Your future contribution to the university, if accepted

These key elements can direct your outline as you draft your essay.

Here are some reasons admission essays get rejected:

  1. Grades don’t meet university requirements. Many universities are academically competitive. For some hopeful candidates, their grade point average may be the reason their essays aren’t even read.
  2. Incomplete application. One institution may requires three essays on different topics and another may asks for only one essay, in addition to quantitative data like test scores. Some applicants make the mistake of “copying and pasting” the same application for different institutions without reading individual requirements. Read each university’s instructions carefully.
  3. Wordy essay. Every admissions board reviews hundreds of applications. They are likely to quickly dismiss essays that are filled with incoherent ramblings. Write in a clear and direct tone and delete unnecessary “flourishes.”
  4. Vague writing. An essay that glosses over or omits important details can lead to rejection of a candidate. Writing that fails to cite specific examples (or an essay loaded with general pronouncements that have little meaning) will be discarded.
  5. Multiple errors. If your essay is rife with spelling and grammatical mistakes, it gives the impression you pay little attention to detail. Proofread your work and ask your guidance counsellor or a trusted teacher to review your essay and give honest feedback.
  6. Limited enrollment. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough spots for qualified candidates. In this case, acceptance or rejection may seem somewhat arbitrary, but a polished essay will increase your likelihood of admission.

An admissions essay is a tool that helps universities narrow their list of potential students accepted for the upcoming term. This essay can encapsulate a student’s academic profile and/or indicate their future potential. Some applicants may struggle to write multiple essays, which can be both frustrating and discouraging.

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