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Your high school life has finally come to this — writing a research paper. Research papers are a normal part of student life and are nothing to worry about. You can expect to write a research paper at least once a semester as part of your regular course work. However, research papers are a serious project that will demand a significant amount of your time and effort. That said, it’s not something to worry about (at least not too much).

How to Choose a Topic

The trick to minimizing any worries is to have some confidence in your research paper topic; sometimes, you get to choose your own topics, which can make the project easier on you. The thing to remember is that an academic paper should be intriguing and thought-provoking. To help you do select an appropriate research paper example, consider these factors to help make the

Brainstorm for something you find interesting

  • Pick something that interests you. One trick to writing an insightful paper is having a strong interest in a specific topic or the subject in general. Having a bit of passion concerning the topic makes the writing much easier, especially when you go in deep detail exploring the theme and formulating ideas. For example, having a passing interest in science would make writing a research paper on astronomy more satisfying.
  • Make the topic clear. When you do pick a topic, it’s vital you understand everything clearly before writing about it. Ask questions when you bump into unclear points to get a better grasp on the topic. Part of writing a successful paper is grasping the topic in detail. A clear and precise understanding of the subject matter is key to showing readers you are a master of the topic and giving your work greater credibility.

Look for background material

  • Be precise and specific. A research paper is an accurate, thorough work, based on verifiable and quantifiable facts. Do some research and go through the background reading to make sure there’s enough evidence to support your thesis. Remember, for your ideas to stand, you need references to reputable sources that support your position.
  • Be innovative. One critical element of any academic paper is being innovative. When you write your paper, it helps to discuss the topic from a different and interesting perspective. Investigate deeply enough, and you may find some little-known facts that can surprise your readers. Take some time to make your topic more interesting to make your paper stand out from the crowd.

What to Write About

Now that you have some ideas on how to choose a topic, what should you actually write about? When it comes to writing a research paper, it’s a good idea to keep your level of experience in mind. If you have a topic you’re already familiar with, you can save a great deal of time and make the writing much easier.

When it comes to finding potential topics, there’s plenty that can catch a high schooler’s attention, especially when they can apply to you and your peers. A list of research topics you may find interesting can include:

  1. Bullying in high school

Bullying is one of those problems many kids deal with, making it a topic that will always have relevance, if not to you, then someone else. Writing a paper about bullying can give you and your school some unique insights into the problem as well as possible solutions (e.g. why it happens, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it).

  1. Extracurriculars and why they matter

Extracurriculars can be essential for a great many students; however, not everyone partakes in after-school activities (like clubs and student affairs). Do some research and use your paper to share some experiences and benefits from participating in after-school activities. For example, you can point to the health benefits and camaraderie you get from participating in sports. If you do extracurricular activities yourself, you’ll also have some first-hand experience to strengthen your position.

  1. Importance of learning a foreign language

As the world gets more connected, knowing a foreign language becomes a more useful and more marketable skill. Write a paper on some of the challenges and benefits associated with learning all about a new culture. Think of it as a way to provide some new insights about the learning process and help your school get a glimpse of what it’s like.

comparing and contrasting

  1. E-learning vs. textbooks

Thanks to advancing technology, e-books are becoming more widespread. Modern students may be used to e-learning, but there’s still something to be said for traditional learning methods. Try this topic to help evaluate the benefits of both methods. It’s a great way to broaden your horizons and find more ways to learn. Everybody learns best with different methods, and comparing e-books to textbooks can give your peers more options to optimize the learning process. Alternatively, you can also touch on some alternative learning methods to give your school more ideas on how to meet the needs of more students.

importance of reading

  1. Importance of reading

Reading is a vital skill, especially for students, who get much of their knowledge from books. However, not everyone favours reading, and some people would rather not pick up a book if they don’t have to. Try your hand at this topic to enlighten your readers on some of the benefits of reading. It might just be a way to get your peers to alter their reading habits and expand their horizons.

 Online safety

  1. Online safety

This topic is particularly relevant today, considering how much time people spend online. Online safety is also a topic many are familiar with, so it might appeal to you and your peers. Design your research paper format to provide some great advice on how to stay safe online (e.g. which sites are least safe and what information to avoid sharing when communicating online).

  1. Culture of the First Nations

Ever wanted to know a little more about other people inside Canada? Then this topic might just be a golden opportunity to find out. Hit the books to trace how the First Nations had an impact on Canada’s culture and history through the centuries. As a Canadian student, it should also be much easier to find books and subjects you can interview to find the most detailed information you can use to make your work all the more comprehensive.

It’s important to think of your paper not as an obstacle but as a learning opportunity. Researching is a great way to get some in-depth, detailed knowledge on a topic. After all, you have to learn it like the back of your hand if you’re going to write about it. Use these insights to help make writing that paper a more fulfilling task and learn something new while you’re at it.

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