28 05 20

When a student is tasked to write the research paper or academic research, it translates to being inches away from finishing the course. However, because of how detailed a research paper needs to be, most people experience burn out when writing. This “writer’s burnout” is the reason students from different academic levels experience a slump.

19 03 20

Your high school life has finally come to this — writing a research paper. Research papers are a normal part of student life and are nothing to worry about. You can expect to write a research paper at least once a semester as part of your regular course work. However, research papers are a serious

20 02 20

The key to a good essay, short story, business letter, or a resume, good editing is key in creating a superb content piece. It’s one of the most critical phases of the writing process, but many writers can underestimate its value. Editing your own work requires time and practice. In the process of mastering this

24 01 20
Expository Writing: How to Write to Explain

Expository writing is a widespread form of writing. You’ve seen it in newspaper articles, essays, journals and even instruction manuals. Expository writing is writing that explains or teaches how to do something, convinces the reader of an argument, compares issues or clarifies something. Like its name, the goal of expository writing is to expose, clarify

28 11 19
Strong writing makes the difference

You might not realize it, but writing makes the world go ’round. Huffington Post lays out some reasons why writing is more important than it’s ever been. As author Tomas Laurinavicius puts it, “In fact, the importance of writing has perhaps increased in the last decade or so, thanks to trends in technology. Most folks

24 10 19
Good essay-writing is an invaluable life skill

Writing essays is an important, vital life skill. Whether you’re writing an essay for a class or updating your resume, knowing how to write a smart, compelling essay is a skill that can lead to success. If you’ve ever been told your writing could use some extra polish, there are a few things you can

27 09 19

Essays are an essential component of your academic success. You need to know how to write an essay for exams, as part of course work, and even to get into college or university. Feeling confident in knowing how to write a good essay will help you throughout your academic life. It can be challenging to

26 08 19
Writing a good essay is vital

Writing an essay can be challenging. You may have excellent ideas, but if you can’t express your arguments clearly, you won’t get the marks you worked so hard to earn. Maybe you struggle with getting started on a first draft, and don’t know where to begin;  Essay writing is an integral part of your academic

18 07 19
Writing is rarely as easy as it looks

 Many people assume that good writers are born that way. A modicum of natural talent is certainly helpful; however, when it comes to long-term writing success, good work habits make all the difference. How many gifted writers are there with half-finished work on their hard drives? The completion of a well-written project requires solid work

19 06 19
Ph.D. thesis can determine the course your career

Writing a Ph.D. thesis or dissertation takes time and energy. The process of conceptualizing, designing, developing, and the final presentation of the work requires students to devote their undivided attention to be able to complete the study on time, not to mention having to gain the approval of the examiners. If you’re nearing the finish